Alfa Romeo’s Future Supersized EV Has US Tastes In Mind

Alfa has figured out that it takes thinking big to crack the American market.

byJames Gilboy|
Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo hasn't cracked the United States market for a variety of reasons, one of them being its lack of a big option. But Alfa has plans to address that, with a large electric vehicle that'll be developed here in the U.S., for launch in 2027.

Brand CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato confirmed the model during a media briefing Friday after a presentation of Stellantis' first-half results, according to Reuters. The EV will be developed in the U.S., but not exclusively with us in mind—it'll still be intended for international sale. Imparato reportedly said Alfa hasn't settled on a body style, though the model's intended mass appeal practically demands it to be a crossover.

2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia, Alfa Romeo

The model reportedly won't be a traditional SUV or coupe-over body style, however, leaving open the possibility of something unusual like a wagon, or even a ute akin to the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Whatever it is, it's coming 2027, which means it has to be an EV to fit Alfa's electrification timeline.

"Our offer for a large size vehicle must fit international markets, American, Chinese, European," Imparato said. "We want to find the right mix [of body styles]. It's a decision we will take by the end of this year."

Curiously, Imparato didn't confirm where the vehicle would be produced. Historically, Alfa has strongly preferred manufacturing its products in Italy, though Stellantis' EV plans could hypothetically force a compromise on that. The upcoming Dodge Hornet is expected to be made in an Alfa plant, so it may be within reason to expect the inverse too.

Whatever this Alfa's final form, it'll be a make-or-break model as Stellantis seeks to weed out underperforming makes. All struggling Stellantis brands have about nine years to prove they deserve to stick around, and the likes of Lancia are using that as motivation to reinvent themselves. As for Alfa, this is either the end of the road or a new beginning.

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