Tesla Model X Off-Road Rendering Makes Us Want One More Than Ever

Better than your eco-friendly, neighborhood soccer mom’s.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Electric Vehicles photo

Graphic designer Mo Aoun is a talented hand, and in an attempt to prove that once again, he's thrown out a unique render of a rugged and ready Tesla Model X off-roader. Starting from scratch, he was able to tweak the electric SUV into what we imagine Tesla would use as a Dakar entry had it made the investment, not to mention the ultimate poster car for an EV fanboy. 

According to a report from Teslarati, Aoun designed this radical ute to catch the attention of his dream employer and creators of the gearhead favorite Forza video games, Turn 10 Studios. While this is something that may look right at home in Horizon 3, it would be a show-stopper had you found it in a mall-parking lot. Fitted with a myriad of accessory lights, racks, and body armor, this Model X looks like something lifted straight out of a video game -- that's what he was going for, after all.

Mo Aoun

The concept reportedly took him 7 hours to draw, then 2 hours to render, bringing it to life in an especially realistic setting. While the Model X has a debatable design that many either love or hate, it's hard to deny how badass this one looks with the extra suspension lift, all-terrain tires, and brush guards galore. 

While it often takes a lot to think of something the internet hasn't already created, this wicked machine certainly fits the bill for full creative license. Though we doubt Tesla ever ventures this far off the path, it's cool to see what the Silicon Valley manufacturer could create if it decided to. Aoun claims that this is his effort to influence the brand to create a green, trail-ready 4x4, and while it may not happen immediately, it could possibly be an option for the aftermarket of Tesla's upcoming Model Y and pickup EV.