Tesla Model X Owner ‘De-ICEs’ Supercharger by Towing Away Parked Chevrolet Silverado

Truck owners beware—the Model X can really tow.

byBrian Evans|
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A recent trend has popped up across the nation, called "ICEing" by some, where pickup owners park their vehicles across a line of Tesla Superchargers. This practice can strand Tesla owners who might be depending on the Supercharging station to top off their batteries to complete their journey. In a video posted by the YouTube channel Tesla Trip, they test if a Model X can tow a Chevy Silverado out of a Supercharger station and, handily for EV fanatics, the results are positive. 

In case you missed it, the Silverado is owned by a family member so no one's personal property was tampered with unknowingly. The Drive does not endorse towing or tampering with other's property. 

The Model X seems to tow the Silverado out of the way fairly effortlessly which should be no surprise to Tesla fans as the Model X has proved it's towing chops many times over. The Boring Company used a Model X to tow a claimed 250,000 pounds worth of rail cars full of muck out of one of its tunnels, and the electric SUV has also been used to help tow a stuck semi truck up a hill in snowy conditions.

The "ICEing" of Superchargers, as Tesla owners call it, is not a new phenomenon but up until now it usually was only a car or two blocking the stalls. In the past few months, Tesla owners have reported packs of pickup trucks blocking charging stalls and even going as far to harass the EV drivers. In a recent post to the Tesla Motors subreddit, one user claims several truck owners took up a slew of stalls at a Supercharger and were shouting profanities at the Tesla owners attempting to charge their vehicles. 

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These situations can be frustrating for Tesla owners who often have no clear solution or steps to have the trucks removed. Several states have enacted legislation which makes it illegal for conventional gas-powered vehicles to park in spots designated for EV charging but that doesn't always include a clause for having the vehicle towed. It's also difficult to discern who owns the Supercharger in certain cases but the property owners ultimately have the ability to work with towing companies to have the offending vehicles removed.