Watch a Tesla Model X Pull a Tractor Trailer Stuck in the Snow

In case you ever get stuck in the snow, just call a Tesla.

byRob Stumpf|
Tesla News photo

A "bomb cyclone" is hurling snow, wind with the strength of a category 1 hurricane, and frigid temperatures up and down the eastern coast of the United States. It's cold, it's snowy, and it's absolutely awful. Even the most seasoned drivers are having tough times navigating the snow-filled mess that the storm is helping to draw up. One tractor-trailer driver in North Carolina happened to find himself unable to climb up a hill, fortunately, a Tesla Model X was nearby to help out.

We've watched trucks get pulled out by weird combinations of cars, but this is a new feat. The all-electric luxury SUV took to the roads during a snowstorm and was able to use its surprisingly capable powers to pull the semi out of its predicament with ease. This makes us wonder what the Faraday FF91 might have up its sleeve in similar conditions.

Let's face it, Model X is a luxury vehicle not really designed to be the ideal off-road vehicle. There's no mechanical advantage when compared to some SUVs (even other luxury ones like the Lamborghini Urus) like a locking differential, or even a low gear due to the lack of a transmission. But what the Model X does have is a great pair of electric motors that utilize software-controlled torque vectoring for optimal traction.

The video shows the Model X clawing its way up a hill with the Semi in tow. Its torquey electric motors pulling the SUV side to side in the light coating of powder. Yet, thanks to the intuitive torque vectoring in the Model X, the tires began gripping to whatever they could. Despite the 5,000-pound towing capacity and low-profile rubber wrapping the wheels, the Model X was still able to aide the Semi in traversing the entire incline. Could its unique skillsets be why Daimler once took apart a rental Tesla?

As for the amount of stored energy used to tow the heavy truck up the hill at high throttle, the Facebook post reported that the Model X "barely used any" battery power during its entire climb. We don't have an energy chart but imagine that it would be amusing to see the usage while pulling that beast out of its snowy grave. Sure, the truck was propelling itself at times, but the point of getting someone unstuck in the snow is to provide additional traction when the drive wheels of the stuck vehicle are unable to grip.

Even though the Model X is seen as the pinnacle of luxury electric SUVs, some still use it as a workhorse. It might not be exactly meant for the job, but it certainly gets it done, and that makes it all the more impressive.