YouTuber David Dobrik Stupidly Sends Tesla Model X Flying Wrong Way Down One-Way Street

Elon Musk’s response? “!”

byJonathon Klein|
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Youtuber David Dobrik recently uploaded a video showing his Tesla Model X jumping the wrong way on a one-way Los Angeles city street in the middle of the day. The car survives, as do its occupants, but this is the case of someone doing something so monumentally reckless and stupid, we have to take a stance and call these turkeys out. 

Dobrik’s video recounts how he and his entourage “discovered” one of Los Angeles’ many steeply slanted neighborhood streets, this one at the corner of Alvarado and Baxter in the Elysian Heights neighborhood, and met with two motorcyclists who were jumping the location on their dirt bikes. In what was likely a pre-planned encounter, the two groups decide to see if Dobrik’s Tesla Model X could do the same. Dobrik then hands over the key to one of the motorcyclists who proceeds to jump the street. 

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But while everyone makes it out alive and intact, the whole video is one danger after another and someone could’ve seriously been injured or killed depending on the outcome of the jump.

At the very least, this is a residential street with houses, sidewalks, and parked cars. If something went wrong on the jump, and the driver became incapacitated or the car seriously broke—something that’s been known to happen to even the most rally-ready off-roaders—a pedestrian could’ve been hit. The car could’ve also careened into one of the houses, doing untold damage to the property or those inside.

Just as dangerous as jumping a residential street, to “hit the jump,” the motorcyclist had to drive the wrong way down a one-way street. All manner of possible outcomes could’ve occurred, but the one sticking in our heads is what if someone turned the corner right as the Tesla took off? That’s 5,531 pounds of metal flying into your car or motorcycle right at eye level. 

Everything about this video is wrong, dangerous, and bad. Yet, what’s worse is that it didn’t receive immediate condemnation from Tesla’s Elon Musk, who responded to Dobrik’s tweet with just a single exclamation point.

Jumping a car can be exciting, given the right circumstances like proper safety gear, location scouting, location closure, or doing it in a controlled environment like the safety of a track. Out amongst the public where a person could randomly come into frame mid-jump is just plain moronic. Don’t do this, it’s dangerous and can lead to dire consequences. 

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