Alfa Romeo’s First Electric Car Will Arrive in 2024

Alfa is set to be the first all-electric Stellantis brand in North America.

Stellantis has big plans for electrification, and as it’s said before, Alfa Romeo will be its first brand in North America to go fully electric. Now, a report by CAR, claims that an Alfa EV could come as early as 2024. This comes just one day ahead of the Tonale SUV reveal, which the automaker claims signals the transition from combustion to electric power.

In an interview with CAR, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imperato said: “When I launch a car from 2025, it’s only electric. When we speak about the metamorphosis of Alfa Romeo, Tonale is the first step that says ‘hey guys, we are electrified.’ But electrification will be at the service of Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo won’t be at the service of electrification.”


The Tonale, which originally launched as a concept car a few years back, will be unveiled as part of an event Alfa is calling La Metamorfosi, because Stellantis’ well-known understanding of marketing apparently extends to referencing the idea of waking up transformed into a giant cockroach, just like in Kafka’s Metamorphoses. It’s unclear what trims of the Tonale will head to the States, but so far, it’s known that a plug-in hybrid variant will be offered in Europe. An Alfa Romeo U.S. spokesperson did not comment on the matter when we reached out.

“In 2025,” Imperato added. “I will be disruptive and we launch a full EV super-performing car and from then, the cars I launch are only electric.”

After the Tonale, Alfa’s supposed to be launching a version of the Jeep Renegade, followed by a large SUV, meaning that it really could be 2025 before we see any more track-troubling Alfas. In the meantime, it’ll be bucking Stellantis’ direction for screen-centered car interiors with its own decision to minimize infotainment

Until then, you can still enjoy this Giulia EV restomod.

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