Watch This Lambo Huracan Sterrato Get Taken Off a Massively Sweet Jump

Did you ever think you'd see a Lamborghini fly?
Mark McCann

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato was built to go off-road. OK, so it isn’t exactly an off-roader but it’s made to go fast on sand and the occasional dirt trail. But that doesn’t mean it can handle a big ass jump, launching it several feet in the air, does it? That’s exactly what YouTuber Mark McCann found out with his own Sterrato and a homemade jump.

McCann actually jumped his Huracan Sterrato in a previous video but his viewers wanted more. They wanted to see the Lambo really fly, to find out how well it handled the landing. So McCann decided to build an even bigger jump, one that would send the dirt-ready Lamborghini high and far enough that he didn’t know if it would survive.

After a day of playing with the Huracan Sterrato on dirt and grass, proving that it’s actually a shockingly capable supercar when off the pavement, it was time for the jump. But by the time it was ready to jump, McCann’s Lambo was ready to tap out. The day’s worth of play brought both an ABS light and an all-wheel drive system fault. Still, McCann went through with the jump, despite being afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stop after it landed.

Mark McCann

Surprisingly, the Huracan Sterrato launched off the jump like a rally car and seemingly reached five or six feet in the air. There’s no way to know exactly how much air McCann got, or how far he jumped, but the video slows the launch down and it seems frighteningly high and surprisingly far.

Despite being mid-engine, the Sterrato seemed a bit front-heavy and looked as if it was going to smash its pointy nose during landing. However, the plucky Italian seemed to have survived relatively unscathed. Afterward, McCann gushed about the Huracan Sterrato’s capability, versatility, and durability, as it survived a day of flogging through torture-tests that Lamborghini would never dream of putting it through.

When Lamborghini first announced the Huracan Sterrato, there was sort of a collective eye roll among the car enthusiast community. An off-road-ready, V10-powered Lamborghini? It seemed like a marketing gimmick, especially since it debuted after the Porsche 911 Dakar. However, as McCann just proved, the Sterrato is no gimmick and can truly survive more than what even Lamborghini was willing throw at it. He also proved that you can torture-test a supercar without setting it, and a cornfield, on fire.

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