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US Built-2023 ID.4 Get Cheaper, Shorter-Range Model Coming Soon

A 62-kWh battery pack ID.4 of the will offer a more affordable crossover option soon.
Victoria Scott

Volkswagen will proceed full steam ahead with its EV lineup, despite its issues with electrification this year. On Monday, the automaker announced a lower-capacity version of its electric ID.4 crossover, which lowers the base price of VW’s EVs.

The ID.4 is only offered in the States with an 82-kWh battery pack, which is good for an EPA-rated 275-mile range. The newest version will shave 20 kWh off that, for a total of 62 kWh. The official pricing and range figures aren’t available yet, but the cheapest ID.4 is slightly less than $42,000 after destination, suggesting the newest version will drop into the oft-discussed, nearly mythical EV $30,000 range.

In Europe, the ID.4 is already offered with a 55-kWh battery, which is good for a WLTP rating of 215 miles. The same car would likely be rated slightly lower in EPA testing, which tends to drain batteries more rapidly. That car is also offered with a significantly derated powertrain compared with its U.S.-based counterparts, with its lowest trim offering a 0-60 time of 10.1 seconds. VW has not announced what the exact layout of the drivetrain will be on its newest entry-model ID.4 for the States, but regardless of what it comes equipped with, it will be assembled in VW’s recently revamped Chatanooga, Tennessee plant, where all future U.S.-bound ID.4s will be built starting in 2023. Unfortunately for all would-be ID.4 shoppers, VW is still out of EVs for the year, as supply chain constraints have prevented the company from ramping up production to meet increased demand.

At the same time, VW noted Monday that for gasoline-engine enthusiasts, there will still be a few treats in store. The MK8 GTI will be getting a 40th-anniversary special edition, and the Golf R will be receiving its own 20th-anniversary special trim.

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