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The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV Is America’s First Electric Police Truck

Ford has applied its experience in kitting out police vehicles to the electric F-150 Lightning.

Ford has revealed the new 2023 F-150 Lightning Pro SSV, aimed at law enforcement users. The model is the first US market electric pickup truck specifically built for police use.

The truck combines the electric drivetrain of the F-150 Lightning with the police-specific equipment from the existing F-150 Police Responder model. The hope is that the electric truck can offer lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to existing combustion-engined police vehicles.

The spec includes police-grade cloth seats with steel intrusion plates for added protection. They’ve also got reduced bolstering to allow for easy exits with a holstered weapon.

Meanwhile, the rear row gets vinyl seats and flooring for easy cleaning. Other gear includes LED warning lights on the roof and a reinforced tray on the instrument panel for fitting police gear in the interior. There’s also a large nudge bar on the front end.

The SSV designation stands for “Special Service Vehicle.” This indicates the truck’s intended use in a supporting role, rather than as a general-purpose patrol or pursuit vehicle. This can include towing equipment trailers or boats, or providing ancilliary support at crime scenes.

This doesn’t mean that the SSV model is a weak performer, though. The extended-range model sports a sub-four second zero-to-60 mph time, thanks to 580 horsepower on tap with 775 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s also rated to tow a 10,000 lbs trailer.

The cheaper standard-range model still measures up well, with 452 horsepower and the same 775 lb-ft of torque. It also has a slightly lower tow rating of 7,700 lbs.

Inside, the SSV gets the usual 12-inch infotainment display and 12-inch digital instrument cluster as per the regular F-150 Lightning. The truck runs Ford’s Sync 4 infotainment software.

Other features include the useful Ford Mega Power Frunk and the Pro Power Onboard system. Ford notes that this could make the truck useful for powering lighting in emergency situations or running equipment out in the field. All combined, the truck can deliver up to 9.6 kW from its power sockets, and can run for hours at maximum load without breaking a sweat.

Ford currently holds a commanding position in the US market for police vehicles, with a 65% market share. It presently outsells all its rivals combined. Having the first police-ready electric pickup in the US market should help it maintain that lead for some time to come.

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