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2021 Ford F-150 Is Now on Dealer Lots and Production Can’t Keep Up With Demand

America’s best-selling vehicle for 38 years keeps living up to its name.

byChris Tsui|
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The Ford F-150 is and has been for 38 consecutive years the single best-selling vehicle in America, and it doesn't sound like its winning streak will be broken anytime soon with the all-new 2021 truck. Despite it just arriving at dealerships this week and 2020 being 2020, early sales of the Blue Oval's ever-popular pickup are already, pardon the pun, picking up.

Ford says the very first copies of the redesigned F-150 have already been sold to customers in the Midwest with "the number of retail orders placed at an all-time high," and Ford's got some numbers to back it up. "Customer sold orders are up over 210 percent from a year ago November, and dealer orders for stock are more than double the current production schedule," said Ford marketing and sales vice president Mark LaNeve.


Naturally, with customers lined up and tripping over themselves to hand over cash in exchange for a shiny new half-ton, Ford dealers themselves are pretty psyched about things too. "I've been selling Fords for 28 years, and I've never seen my staff this excited about a vehicle launch," said Tim Hovik, owner of San Tan Ford in Phoenix.

Entering the nameplate's 14th(!) generation, the 2021 Ford F-150 will be the first F-150 to be offered with a hybrid powertrain with the battery serving double-duty as an onboard generator as well. It also introduces some nifty quality of life (QOL) enhancements like a gear shifter that folds away to allow for a completely flat work surface in between the front seats as well as a tailgate workbench with rulers, a mobile device holder, pencil holder, and cupholder.

Including destination, Ford's new F-150 starts at $30,635 for an option-less XL regular cab. Of course, expect quite to pay quite a bit more for the more commonly-purchased versions most would actually want though.

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