Orange Aston Martin Collection Is This Fall’s Zesty Auction Hit

It's a complete set of 2010 Aston Martins in a custom one-off color. What's not to like?

In what promises to be one of the most vibrant auctions this year, Bonhams has announced that it will be showcasing “The Orange Collection.” It’s exactly what it sounds like—an exquisite ensemble of eight Aston Martins, all finished in the same radiant tangerine hue.

According to the auction listing, this extraordinary collection originated from a special commission by a “private gentleman” back in 2010. The owner requested that Aston Martin produce their range of road cars in a custom special-order shade of orange. The interiors of each car were similarly meticulously designed with matching leather, giving these vehicles plenty of aesthetic appeal, particularly to any members of the Flordia Citrus Committee.

We can only speculate as to the reasoning behind the owner’s original order. They may have been a patriotic Dutch national, or perhaps some kind of industrial citrus or juice mogul. Alternatively, they might have simply loved the color orange. It’s not the first time Bonhams has had a listing like this one, either. This sale brings back memories of the legendary Hunter Green Collection, a set of 1980s Aston Martin V8s that the auction house sold 15 years ago.

Topping the list from this unique collection are two DBS models – the open-top Volante and the sleek Coupe. As the highest-performing models of the bunch, each is estimated to draw bids ranging between €80,000 to €120,000. The DB9 Volante and Coupe, more oriented towards grand touring, are expected to sell for €60,000 to €90,000.

The Vantage is similarly well-represented, with a V8 coupe and drop-top Volante model both estimated to sell for €40,000 to €60,000. The sportier V12 Vantage Coupe is considered a touch more valuable at €50,000 to €80,000. Meanwhile, sedan fans will appreciate the four-door Rapide, which is the cheapest of the bunch, estimated at €40,000 to €60,000.

The cars were manufactured to Swiss specifications, and all are showing what is effectively delivery mileage. The most used has just 235 miles on the clock, the least, just 70 miles. That’s around about one hour at highway speed. It’s hard to imagine the kind of life where one orders eight bespoke high-performance cars straight from the factory—let alone only driving them for a few hours each in over a decade of ownership.

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For those eager to buy, each car is being offered entirely without reserve at Bonham’s Zoute Sale on October 8. The entire collection is projected to fetch a sum upwards of half a million euros. “This is a truly incredible and bespoke offering and I envisage collectors wanting to secure the entire collection with many others trying to win a particular favorite,” stated Gregory Tuytens, the Head of Sale at Bonhams.

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