Of Course Two Lamborghini Huracan Owners Raced Each Other and Took Out a Poor Prius

One of the Lambo drivers escaped. The other took a trip to the hospital—and then jail.

There is a special kind of Lamborghini Huracan owner. Y’know, the one who cruises around with their exhaust in full burble tune and tries to drag race everyone they see. Well, two of them recently met on the road in a city southeast of Los Angeles, and as you may have guessed, things didn’t end well. One of the two Huracans was totaled and an unsuspecting Toyota Prius paid a tall price for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Photos posted by the Murrieta Police Department (MPD) on Instagram show a total yard sale of Lamborghini parts strewn across the four-lane Jefferson Avenue in Murrieta, California. Based on the carnage and the fact that the Lamborghini driver crashed on a perfectly straight bit of tarmac, the evidence suggests some major tomfoolery happened in this alleged drag race.

According to the MPD, the two Huracans were traveling next to each other at “a high rate of speed” when “one of the vehicles lost control and struck a third vehicle that was traveling in the far right lane.”

“It was obvious that one of the vehicles was not doing the posted speed limit of 45 mph. It’s not rocket science,” the caption reads. Photos of the crashed Huracan show that the crash forcibly removed most of the panels off of the car, as well as the nose.

Thankfully, the driver of the Prius escaped with minor injuries. The driver of the crashed Lamborghini was first taken to the hospital for his injuries but then booked into jail for charges of reckless driving and street racing. The driver of the other Huracan fled from the scene of the crash. As of this writing, police are searching for a plate number and any information that could lead to their arrest.

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