Fiery Lamborghini Huracan Crash Ejects Occupants From Car in California, Killing Both

Witnesses report the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan reached speeds above 100 miles per hour before colliding with another motorist.

byChris Chin|
Fiery Lamborghini Huracan Crash Ejects Occupants From Car in California, Killing Both

A fiery wreck involving a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan claimed two young lives in Encino, California recently. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office identified Joel David White, 25, as the driver, who was witnessed speeding in his Lamborghini traveling westbound on Burbank Boulevard. The Los Angeles Police Department reports that White crashed into a 2018 Jeep Cherokee near Havyenhurst Avenue around 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, after reaching speeds above 100 miles per hour near the time of the incident.

The collision with the Jeep Cherokee caused White to crash and the impact was so intense, it sadly ejected both him and his passenger, 19-year-old Luiza Vaagnovna Karakhanyan from the Lamborghini, killing both instantly.

Local news outlets spoke to White’s friend, Alexander Lopez, who said White was supposed to pick him up at the Los Angeles International Airport that evening.

“I texted him, I texted him and he didn’t get back to me," said Lopez, speaking to KTLA. “He’s such a nice guy. Always picks up the phone, and when he doesn't…he always calls back.”

Another witness told the local news affiliate that she drove by the crash site on her way home from her son’s baseball game and saw a mangled body trapped under the wreckage. Good Samaritans local to the scene reportedly stepped in to help.

"You could see the flames. The traffic was backed up. You could see the car but you couldn't tell what type of car it was," the witness told KTLA.

The driver of the Jeep Cherokee involved in the crash only suffered minor injuries and remained at the site of the incident, cooperating with investigators.