Lamborghini Street Racer Who Hit a Prius Is Known for Harassing Homeless People

Austin Harmon became infamous for revving his Lamborghini just feet away from a sleeping homeless person. Then he got caught street racing.
The Murrieta Police Department’s censored photo of Austin Harmon at the scene of the crash. Murrieta Police Department

Yesterday’s report about two Lamborghini Huracáns street racing and crashing into a Toyota Prius in Southern California just got a little deeper. While only one of the rogue Lambos escaped the scene after the other struck the Toyota, some questions have cropped up about the drivers of the two supercars and their possible relationship with a local tuning shop. 

Austin Harmon of Colorado, a somewhat known person in the Lamborghini V10 tuning sphere, was identified by police as the person who lost control of his Huracán, put himself in the hospital, and crashed into traffic on a public road, according to City News Service via Patch. Harmon achieved his limelight late last year by driving a twin-turbo Huracán up to a sleeping homeless person in Denver and revving it until they woke up. That car was wrapped purple, and it’s possible that the crashed Huracán is the same car, unwrapped. Harmon had his personal Huracán built by Sheepey Race of Murrieta, California, just 1.8 miles from the crash site.

There has been an undertone of comments and rumors around Harmon’s relationship to Sheepey Race, and questions about whether the driver of the other Huracán was involved with the performance shop. There is no doubting that Harmon had a relationship with the company, with a YouTube video on the Sheepy Race channel showing the shop tuning his car, as well as a few Facebook videos of his car at the garage and being driven aggressively on public highways. In these videos, Harmon demonstrates he’s clearly no stranger to endangering other motorists at high speed.


1953HP Lamborghini Huracan V10 Twin Turbo owner ig: @austin_harmon30 built by @sheepeyrace #turboking #lamborghini #twinturbo #huracan


The car shown in the videos also closely matches the Murrieta Police Department’s (MPD) photos of the crash site, including a decal on the lower left portion of the driver’s door that matches one of Sheepey’s logos. However, the car in the photo doesn’t appear to have its twin turbos still attached to it after the crash. It’s also possible that this is a different car, but in any case, Harmon can be seen in a Sheepy Race shirt in the MPD’s photos of the scene.

Note the sticker placement in the photo of the crashed Huracán compared with an earlier photo of one of Harmon’s vehicles—possibly the same car with a wrap applied. Murrieta Police Department, Forged Auto Styling Screengrab

While there is no smoking gun of who was in the car that fled the accident, there are certainly clues for where to look. As of this writing, all of Harmon’s social media accounts have either been made private or deleted entirely, and he was released on a $2,500 bond shortly after being booked. The mystery of the other driver still remains.

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