Bagged 2023 Chevy Colorado on 24s Goes Harder Than It Should

Custom air suspension, plenty of color-matched paint work, a blow-off valve, and a big stereo make this a unique Colorado.

byChris Rosales|
Culture photo
Kenneth Mccay

I’ve said it before, and I’d like to say it again: Minitrucks should make a comeback. Last year, the Ford Maverick made a case for the minitruck comeback at the SEMA show with a good variety of modded Mavericks that showed what the small unibody truck could do. Since then, we’ve gotten a whole new crop of midsize trucks that are waiting to get modded. First up is this Chevy Colorado slammed on 24s.

The owner, Kenneth McCay, posted the truck on Facebook while it is being prepared for the SEMA show in November. It is classic minitruck, with huge wheels, a low ride height, and a clean, color-matched aesthetic. McCay is debating adding “crazy graphics” to make a complete build, but already has a deep list of mods: Air suspension, color-matched mirrors, door handles, grill, and Chevy bow tie, while a K&N intake, a blow-off valve, and a camper shell complete the list.

But you can’t forget audio either, which will addressed handily by support from Kenwood. There will be 16 (yes, sixteen) 12-inch subs, 18 (once again, eighteen) amplifiers, and seven sets of mids and tweeters. The seats are custom upholstered to complete the glamor, but this truck is basically a rolling concert stage on airbags. 

Personally, I’m here for the Y2K revival. This thing is classic show truck and is super cool, even if it isn’t to everyone’s taste. McCay also built a Maverick with graphics for SEMA last year; suffice to say he knows his way around a light pickup truck. He’s only owned the Colorado for seven weeks and has already completely transformed it from a factory truck. The camper shell is apparently some kind of prototype because the fit was unknown before it was mounted.

Rest assured, even if you’re not into this, there will be plenty of new Colorados to see at SEMA. Just consider this one as part of the Balance of Truck Culture.

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