Slammed Ford Maverick SEMA Build Embraces Street Truck Culture

It's not a low-rider, per se, but it does have a 2.0-liter turbo four and AWD.

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Ford is bringing a handful of rad trucks to the 2021 SEMA show, though this slammed Maverick is the one that wins my heart. It takes the concept that came to every enthusiast's mind when the Maverick debuted back in June, capitalizing on its relatively small stature by bringing it oh-so-close to the ground. And while there aren't any hydraulics or switches to flip here, it's a low-riding truck with sweet wheels nonetheless.

The Blue Oval collaborated with Tucci Hot Rods out of Marcy, New York to craft this Maverick XLT street truck. It's powered by a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which makes 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. That output spins all four custom-made wheels, which look a little like concave BBS Turbofans from days gone by. That's the vibe I'm getting, at least.

The Tucci Maverick also wears a 3D-printed cab spoiler, which we haven't seen yet for this new truck. While they were at it, they also 3D-printed the front lip and the widebody fender flares—hot rods get built with new-school methods, too. 

So long as no one harms me over the internet for calling this 2.0-liter pickup a hot rod, let's talk about the suspension. It's apparently a static drop with coilovers and no airbags; that's dedication, the likes of which we've already seen from owners who are lowering their Mavericks. It's what really pulls the aesthetic together, and a Borla cat-back exhaust with dual carbon fiber tips reinforces the race-y theme, too.

Inside, there are four Recaro Sportster seats with racing harnesses for you and each passenger. It'd be even cooler if someone could chop a Maverick into a two-door and give it the same street truck treatment, but it's still pretty new, all things considered. I'll give it a few years and even then, who knows how good it'll look since Ford designed it with four doors in mind.

I wish I had more photos to share with you but at the moment, this is all we've got. Expect to see more once this Maverick debuts in earnest at the 2021 SEMA show in Las Vegas come next Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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