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Sad: Watch a Ferrari F40 Back Right Into a Pole

A Ferrari F40 getting parked at an automotive museum has an unfortunate encounter with a pole.
JJ Spotz Tik Tok

It can happen to the best of us in any car. And unfortunately, it happened to a Ferrari F40 that got backed into a pole. No, really, mistakes happen all the time. I personally haven’t (yet) had a low-speed collision with a stationary object, but anyone who has driven a difficult old ‘80s supercar will know that visibility is a joke at best, and that’s beyond the stress of driving something as valuable as an F40. So while seeing this F40 get pole’d is depressing, don’t be too hard on the driver.

The incident, posted on TikTok happened at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin, California, which is one of the biggest museums in the vicinity of Los Angeles. It’s well known for the events it hosts, displaying the original Batmobile, as well as a collection of over 100 cars including historic F1 cars, several Ferraris, and a few race cars. It’s unclear if the F40 was part of the collection or being stored for an owner, but the fated Ferrari ended up at the museum nonetheless.

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The F40 does appear to have a California dealer plate that goes back to the Marconi Foundation For Kids, but California dealer plates can be applied to practically any vehicle with a VIN. All the dealer plate really says is that the F40 likely entered the custody of the museum at some point and was being moved around its facility.

It seems that nobody was guiding the driver around the museum despite three bystanders watching the car being moved, including one that was directly next to the pole recording the incident and didn’t realize that the F40 was in danger until it was too late. Again, mistakes happen, but this may have been easily avoidable with a bit more help, especially with a car worth north of $1 million. The video ends with a sickening crunch and cuts abruptly.

The damage won’t be severe, but the F40 has infamously thin carbon fiber panels. While it’s sure that it will live to fight another day, it’s a shame it had to get damaged at all. 

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