Watch This Ferrari F40 Rallying Up a Ski Slope in Glorious Fashion

It’s good to be rich, crazy, and have friends at Red Bull’s video team.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Ferrari News photo


How awesome is this video of a rally-esque Ferrari F40 ripping its way up the snow-covered mountains of Japan? It's so damn awesome, we can't even embed it in this post. If we did, our entire site would blow up like Krakatoa.

Okay, that's a lie. We can't embed it because Red Bull uses their own proprietary video player that doesn't play nicely with our website's coding. But as much as it pains us to say it, this video is worth leaving your cozy home at The Drive for. If only for a couple minutes.

Since we can't show it here, let us give you a quick summary. Man wakes up. Man eats cereal. Man affixes camping equipment to the roof rack of his pristine, rally light-equipped Ferrari F40. Man hauls ass from city to alpine ski resort to the sound of a funky-fresh Underground Garage soundtrack. Man affixes snow chains to his rear tires. Man blasts up the ski slope and spends his day hooning about on the trails. Night falls. Man continues ripping around the mountain by the alien yellow light of his rally lamps. Man makes camp. Man slurps ramen.

Also, man's day is filmed in beautifully-shot high-definition. Because Man knows people at Red Bull Japan, and Man's friends at Red Bull Japan have a video budget the size of Mt. Fuji.

Still not convinced? Take a few seconds to watch this preview Red Bull Japan posted on its Instagram account.

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