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Two Dead After a Ferrari and Lamborghini Hit an RV

Italian police have opened a homicide investigation following the crash.

A couple from Switzerland were tragically killed in a three-vehicle accident during a supercar tour through Italy, which opened a homicide investigation. The crash involved a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, a Ferrari Portofino, and an RV. Sadly, the couple driving the Portofino didn’t survive.

Dashcam footage from a German couple on vacation shows the entire crash, which is what sparked the investigation. At the beginning of the video, only the RV is ahead of the dashcam-equipped driver. Then several Italian supercars overtook the dashcam driver. A blue Huracan then tried to overtake the RV but seemingly didn’t notice a red Ferrari Portofino, which was already overtaking them both. The two Italian supercars collided, sending the Huracan into the RV.

The collision spun the RV, sending it into the air, landing on its side. That’s as far as the dashcam footage shows. However, according to The Telegraph, the Portofino reportedly rolled and caught fire, which is what killed its two passengers, Swiss couple Melissa Krautli, 63, and Markus Krautli, 67.

The driver of the Lamborghini Huracan was Indian billionaire Vikas Oberoi, who was with his wife, Bollywood star Gayatri Joshi, both of whom were unharmed. Oberoi, along with every other supercar driver in the clip, crossed a solid white line to overtake the RV, which is illegal in Italy. Since Oberoi made an illegal overtake, which is what led to the crash, Italian police have launched a homicide investigation. However, since Oberoi hasn’t been officially charged, he and his wife were free to leave the country and have since returned to India.

Gayatri Joshi (left) and Vikas Oberoi (right) | Getty

Oberoi’s real estate company told The Telegraph: “The relevant authorities are investigating the incident and until the facts are established, we won’t be able to comment on the matter.”

The lead prosecutor, Giangiacomo Pilia, said that Oberoi is being investigated for “double road homicide.”

The couple inside the RV were injured and taken to the hospital but thankfully seem OK. “We had almost arrived in San Giovanni Suergiu when we heard a terrible crash and I lost control of the camper. The vehicle overturned, we found ourselves with our heads upside down. For a moment we were silent in disbelief,” the husband told Italian media, per The Telegraph.

“Then I looked into my wife’s eyes and asked her if she was OK. She nodded and said ‘I think so.’ When we came out, we thought we were in hell.”

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