Family Sues Dealer After White Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Supposedly Turns Yellow

Depreciation turned out to be the least of their problems, as it seems.

byChris Teague|
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It’s a common saying that cars start to lose value as soon as they leave the dealer’s lot, but what about losing their color? A Canadian family is claiming just that, as they say the once-white 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder they bought has started to turn yellow. All in all, not what Calogero Caruso and his son Gasparino expected when they paid the equivalent of $276,985.40 USD for the Italian exotic. 

The elder Caruso even took a second mortgage on the family home to buy the car for his son, according to CTV News. That move seems quite misguided, even under the most straightforward circumstances. Anyhow, it was the son’s “dream to own such a luxury vehicle,” Calogero explained. He says now, “instead, it has been a total nightmare.”

Reportedly, the retailer's manager reassured the family, saying the car can look a little yellow in the sun. However, the 600-horsepower machine allegedly continued changing hues after being parked indoors. The Carusos turned down Lamborghini Montreal's offer to have the Huracan repainted, saying it would drastically affect the car's residual value.

The suit says the family and Lambo dealer quarreled for months. Meanwhile,news

 the Carusos continued to make mortgage payments and shell out for insurance and registration costs on a car they’d returned to the dealer. They're now suing for the cost of the Huracan plus damages, which totals $302,169.56 USD. This includes compensation for “stress and inconvenience and loss of work days.” At present, the case remains without ruling in Quebec Superior Court.

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