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Infiniti Vision Qe Previews Brand’s First EV, Which Will Be a Sedan, Surprisingly

Infiniti is about a decade late to the EV party, but at least it's showing up with a stunning concept that's not an SUV.

While almost all of its competitors—and even its parent company Nissan—have at least one EV on sale, Infiniti has been oddly absent from the electric vehicle scene. Despite Nissan being one of the first automakers to launch an affordable EV, the Leaf, Infiniti never offered one of its own. Now, though, it’s jumping into the electric game with the Infiniti Vision Qe, a sleek-looking sedan, surprisingly.

There aren’t any specs on the Vision Qe just yet, as it only shows off Infiniti’s new design direction. Up front, Infiniti wants you to notice its “Piano Key” lighting, which fills the grille and headlights to create one cohesive brush stroke of light across the front end. However, what stands out most is the LED-lit lower front fascia, which looks like Quagmire’s chin.

The rear end looks sleek, though, as the roofline meets the taillights in one smooth piece of bodywork that cantilevers over the Infiniti logo and features a wide LED light bar. Its muscular silhouette looks sportier than anything the brand has come out with in ages. Infiniti calls this design language “Artistry in Motion.”

Hopefully, the production car keeps as much of its design as possible in the transition. Infiniti claims it will be built at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi plant. Being built in the United States means it could be eligible for a $7,500 tax credit, as per the Inflation Reduction Act, which would drastically help pull in sales.

Alongside the Vision Qe, Infiniti also announced two more concepts: the QXe and the QX65. The former looks like a small, sporty crossover with an electric powertrain and the same front-end styling as the Qe. At the same time, the QX65 is a slightly larger crossover with a more subdued “piano key” grille design. It also would seem as if the QX65 uses internal combustion, without the “e” in its name and with a subtler front-end design.

Infiniti is about a decade too late to the electric party but at least it’s showing up with a stunning concept.

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