New Bodykit Gives Toyota GR86 Angry Headlights Just Like a Jeep Wrangler

Headlight covers have come for Toyota's sporty two-door.

Japanese tuner Aimgain has released a new body kit for Toyota’s inexpensive sports car, the GR86. (You know, the one that doesn’t like turning right?) The new kit adds several components, including a revised front bumper and an attractive rear wing. Its most interesting feature, though, has to be the angry Jeep Wrangler-esque headlight covers it adds. Are these a good look, or a bit too far?

The GR86 is already a reasonably angry-looking car, but Aimgain apparently thought it wasn’t extreme enough. To be fair, the Jeep Wrangler isn’t the only other car to get the angry eyes treatment from aftermarket companies. Everything from the Bronco and C7 Corvette to the Dodge Challenger has been made a hair more furious thanks to slivers of plastic mounted over the headlamps. It’s not often we see it on such a popular new sports car outside of Jeeps, though.

Aimgain’s kit doesn’t go further than the plastic parts of the body, so there aren’t any radical flares going on here. What the company has done outside of the angry eyes is pretty clean, though. Areas like the front grille have been revised heavily to provide a unique look compared to the stock car. The rear end has likewise been altered heavily, with several added aero elements, a new rear diffuser, and unique exhaust tips.

For those who want some alterations but are perfectly content with how furious their fascia is, Aimgain offers other kits that add elements like carbon splitters and side skirts without altering the look of the car too much. The company also offers mechanical and aesthetic components for the previous-generation GT86/Subaru BRZ, as well as a number of other Japanese cars. Once upon a time, Aimgain even designed one that turned the GT86 into a Lexus.

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