Barebones 2022 Toyota GR 86 Comes With Steelies and Two-Speaker Audio

Let’s be honest, you were gonna swap the wheels anyways.

byJames Gilboy|
Toyota News photo

Some people will look at the smoking deal that is the 2022 Toyota GR 86 and think it should still somehow be cheaper. They're about to find themselves pining for Japan's base model, the GR 86 RC—the cheapest, most stripped-out version of Toyota's better-than-ever entry-level sports car.

Detailed on Toyota Japan's website, the 86 RC comes in below our base model by going light on stylistic touches, starting first and foremost with 16-inch steel wheels as opposed to the 17-inchers standard on the American model. They're wrapped in 205/55 tires—10 millimeters narrower than what we get—that probably aren't the Michelin Primacy HP rubber we take for granted.


According to a Facebook post from DriftShop, the 86 RC lacks trunk carpet or chrome exhaust tips, and has a shift knob and parking brake made from urethane. At least this one has a handbrake; the first-gen 86 RC didn't have such a luxury, nor did it have painted bumpers, or comforts like climate control, or a touchscreen stereo. In this case, though, it's reportedly only hooked up to two speakers, making it kind of like having a pair of headphones with much more wattage.

Despite being better-equipped than last decade's 86 RC, 2022's is—like the higher trims—surprisingly cheaper than the last one. The Japanese-market 2022 Toyota GR 86 RC starts at the equivalent of $24,560 before delivery, versus an approximate $24,930 for the original. We're not quite as lucky in the States, where our base model only undercuts the old one by $50, but still, it leaves us a tidy little pile to put toward an aftermarket exhaust or wheels. Or, for that matter, one of those pricey TRD radiator caps, whatever those are supposed to do.

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