Toyota GR86 Name Changed Partly Because It Was Too Hard to Find on Google

It used to be the GR 86. Remember?

byCaleb Jacobs|
Toyota News photo

Remember when Toyota's two-door, boxer-engined sports car was just called the 86? Those were simpler times, right after Scion flamed out and the FR-S name went with it. For 2022, though, the car company attached its Gazoo Racing prefix to the model, officially making it the Toyota GR 86. That added space between the letters and numbers caused a problem with hashtags and search engine optimization, known in the biz as SEO. Because of that, it's gotta go.

Toyota is officially changing the model's name to "GR86," in part so it'll be easier to find on Google, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. When reached for comment, a company spokesperson told The Drive that SEO was "part of the reasoning for the change," but there's a little more to it than that. "With its increases in power and torque, exterior redesign and interior upgrades, the change was made to mark the new generation GR86 and its official entry into the Toyota Gazoo Racing performance vehicle family."

Meanwhile, a Toyota Great Britain rep told Carscoops, "We want people to be able to find the car easily when looking online.” This seems like the most practical explanation as to why the change was made.

Regardless of all that, owners won't have to write two separate tags when posting their slick autocross shots to IG. Hopefully this will do away with #GR #86, or the ill-fated #GR 86 where the numbers aren't hyperlinked. Those are the saddest.

The newly renamed GR86 is a worthy successor that packs a much-needed power boost over the old car. Our own Patrick George loved it for its wallet-friendly performance that isn't hurting for speed or acceleration anymore. The 2.4-liter boxer engine helps there with its 228 horsepower—a solid 23-hp improvement.

Customers in the United States can expect to see the GR86 hit dealerships come December. If you're really hurting for one, though, and don't mind owning a Subaru, the new BRZ is available right now.

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