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Tuning Houses Show Off Hot Tuned Examples of the New 2022 Toyota GR86

The new Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ are almost here, and Japan's tuning houses plan to hit the ground running.

This past weekend saw the running of the annual 86 Style event at Fuji Speedway. Started in 2010 to celebrate the classic Hachiroku, it opened up to the newer Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ in later years. This year, one of the stars of the event was the new 2022 Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ. It wasn’t just the showroom stock models on display, however. The show was teeming with fettled examples from some of Japan’s leading tuning houses, reports WapCar.

The design of the new models maintains a few differences between the Subaru and Toyota versions, as has always been the case, but fundamentally they’re almost identical cars underneath the badging. The real glory of the platform has always been in the post-purchase modifications, though, and the cars on show at 86 Style suggest there’s a bright future ahead. Legendary names like HKS, TOM’S, GReddy, and Blitz were all in attendance with fully kitted out cars to display. 

YouTube/Auto Culture

The standout of the bunch would surely go to TOM’S for the daring orange paint job alone. It’s paired with a tuned exhaust, tasteful overfenders, and a slick black appearance package consisting of a front splitter, sideskirts, and a ducktail rear spoiler. There’s also a diffuser underneath, and a steering wheel rev indicator complete with an integrated display.

YouTube/HKS Co., Ltd

Praise be also to HKS, who saw fit to produce a slick video of their ride set to a pumping synthwave soundtrack. The Fujinomiya-based tuner went all out to give the fans exactly what they want – forced induction. Yes, the HKS GR86 comes with a supercharger system installed under the hood, as well as a tuned exhaust, suspension, and a variety of other supporting mods.

Toyota’s own Gazoo Racing deserves a tip of the hat too. Sporting perhaps the most aggressive face this side of the Lexus “Predator” grill, the in-house effort sports a huge GT wing on the back with some seriously racy dress-up parts. It’s featured in this great walkaround video of 86 Style from YouTuber Auto Culture. Skip ahead to 16:00 to see the Gazoo Racing creation.

The event serves as an excellent demonstration of what can be achieved with the new platform. The new model sports a sleeker, more aggressive design than the outgoing car, and a more powerful engine under the hood. The stage is set for a Toyobaru renaissance in a world that needs affordable sportscars for the masses. Maybe one day they’ll even give it a turbo. 

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