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This Time-Attack Toyota 86 Is Powered by a BMW V10

Maybe the best sounding Toyota 86 yet?

The Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ has proven to be one of the greatest tuning platforms for both motorsport and the show circuit. It’s lightweight construction and rear-wheel layout has played to the enthusiast’s hearts, and a few madmen have performed some extreme engine swaps with the Japanese sports car. The latest comes from Zoom Garage who is building this particular 86 for the World Time Attack Challenge, and it’s powered by the harmonious screamer S85 V10 from the E60 BMW M5.

This build is still in process for preparation of the WTAC, though the project is already taking shape. It’s said to be the first V10 powered Toyota 86, and by picking the BMW unit, it’s sure to be a screamer.

Zoom Garage

Output is said to be around 500 horsepower at a massive 7,750 RPM and 384 lb. ft. of torque at 6,100 RPM. All of this comes from the naturally aspirated lump that we’ve grown to love, not for it’s reliability, but for its impressive power and mountainous redline.

The Australia based shop is steadily getting ready for this year’s competition, one that brings in competitors from all around Europe, Asia, and North America. It’ll be piloted by Brett Dickie in the event’s Open class, putting it at the forefront of hefty competition.

If this thing performs anything close to how it looks, it should be in tip-top shape for the race. We’ll be sure to follow it until completion, upon which we will load your daily racecar feed up with on-track runs and revs.