Nissan Helps Charity Foundation Fix Its 200,000-Mile Titan in Dire Need of Repairs

The truck’s former owner may have lost the battle with cancer, but his 2006 Titan is still helping people through his foundation, thanks to Nissan.

byChad Kirchner|
Nissan News photo

The Send It Foundation is an organization that helps adults who are battling cancer experience the great outdoors with uniquely curated experiences. Founded by Jamie Schou, the organization has taken over 150 people on 31 different adventures. Schou, a former Nissan Titan owner, was diagnosed with a rare and untreatable cancer and died at just 35 years old. As a result, Send It was founded to help share his love of the outdoors.

Schou purchased the Titan brand-new and it was his first new car ever. Like a loyal member of the family, he drove the truck to many places and his entire family spent a great deal of time in it with him. After he passed, the family kept the truck and continued to use it on a daily basis for the foundation, eventually racking up over 200,000 miles on the odometer while putting on multiple charity programs. Eventually, the truck was in need of considerable and expensive repairs.

Jamie Schou, Nissan

In a video created by Send It and Nissan for the automaker's Calling All Titans campaign, Schou's sister Katie talks about how her older brother loved the outdoors, and how the Titan has been an integral piece of the foundation.

"I can feel his presence in here," Katie Schou says in the video as she's driving Jamie's Titan. 

Thankfully, after meeting up with Nissan representatives at a truck industry event, Nissan agreed to fix the truck so it was back in pristine shape and on the road helping people with cancer live their lives to the fullest.

While Nissan's kindness can easily be mistaken for a marketing stunt, the biggest takeaway here is that small grassroots operations can really make a difference in people's lives as they deal with everything that cancer throws at them. Thankfully, foundations like Send It can continue to help them.