Toyota GT86 Orange Edition Released in the U.K.

Toyota of Great Britain unveils the first entry in the GT86 “Club Series” models

byChris Tsui|
Toyota News photo


It looks like the Toyota GT86 has reached that point in its sports car life cycle where the only thing keeping it fresh are "special editions" trotted out by the manufacturer that don't add up to much beyond a fancy paint job, different interior trimmings, and the obligatory "special edition" badging (see also the Nissan 370Z and Bugatti Veyron). 

Today, Toyota of Great Britain has announced the GT86 Orange Edition, the first in a whole line of special edition GT86s it dubs the "Club Series." Headlining the Orange Edition is—you guessed it—a carrot-colored paint job Toyota calls "Solar Orange." This is rounded out by blacked-out spoiler tips and door mirrors with a set of 17-inch Anthracite wheels.

On the inside, the GT86's superb front sport seats are upholstered with black leather and Alcantara while the dash and door trim pieces receive a healthy dose of suede. To keep in line with the citrus theme, orange stitching is used throughout the cabin.

Toyota's new Club Series GT86 Orange Edition is available in the U.K. now. It will cost £28,800 (or the equivalent of $37,236 in today's exchange rates) for the six-speed manual and £30,270 ($39,136) for the automatic version. Or, you could hold out for the inevitable second-generation car that will apparently exceed your expectations.

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