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Lamborghini Huracan Successor Spied Driving Silently in EV Mode

A prototype spotted testing in Spain looks and sounds like the long-promised, turbo-hybrid V8 Lambo.
NCars Youtube

The long-rumored twin-turbo, hybrid V8 Lamborghini Huracan successor was spotted testing in Spain. Despite years of swirling speculation about whether Lambo’s baby supercar will keep its iconic V10, there’s little doubt now that it will go down the path of the dark side. Not only does the Huracán successor have the unmistakable note of a flat-plane V8, but it also seems to have a fully silent EV mode and looks capable of being a plug-in hybrid.

In a video posted by NCars on YouTube, a test mule is seen cruising silently around the Sierra Nevada of Spain, close to the town of Pradollano. It does multiple laps around the mountainous roads surrounding the town, all while emitting no noise. Two interesting things happen: One, the videographer almost gets run over by the prototype, seemingly in an attempt to intimidate them. Two, the prototype fires up while trying to do a low-speed maneuver, and it sounds seriously aggressive.

There are also close peeks at the styling of the car despite heavy camouflage. The new baby Lambo will take cues from the new flagship Lamborghini Revuelto, especially in the rear styling. The front has huge, hexagonal lights in each lower grill, while the headlights have been shrunk compared to the Huracan. The rear looks totally lifted from the Revuelto, with a huge center-mounted exhaust and aggressive diffuser dominating the rear. There are also two fuel filler doors on the car, one side unmarked, and the other side marked with an electrical warning, indicating a possible EV charging port.

Lambo’s next baby supercar looks set to be a real departure from the Huracan. With a flat-plane V8, hybrid power, and an all-new direction for the Huracan lineage, this one will certainly be different. But as long as it’s a true Lambo, that’s to say crazy, loud, and maximal in every respect, it will be A-OK.

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