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Demand for $600K V12 Hybrid Lamborghini Revuelto Is ‘Incredible’, Says CEO

Lamborghini has already received two years' worth of orders for the V12 hybrid, with an ever-growing waitlist beyond that.

The new Lamborghini Revuelto has a tough task ahead, serving as the successor to the much-adored Aventador line in troubled economic times. According to CEO Stephan Winkelmann, though, the swift sell-out of the initial production run is proof that affluent car enthusiasts haven’t stopped splurging.

As reported by CNBC, despite recent global financial turmoil, the Italian automaker has two years worth of orders for their debut plug-in hybrid, launched just last month. Beyond that, there’s a waiting list filling up with customers who weren’t quick enough to get in on the ground floor. Given the spec sheet, it’s hard to blame them. The Revulto features a 9,500-rpm 6.5-liter V12, working in concert with a three-motor hybrid system to deliver 1,001 hp. It’s naturally aspirated, too, with no turbos to muffle the soaring exhaust note.

“The team worked hard on this car for years,” Winkelmann said of the new hybrid model. “The reception of the customers is positive in two ways, because on one hand side they recognize it’s a true Lamborghini. And on the other side there is no fear about having a hybridized car.”

Winkelmann marvels at the determination of Lamborghini’s clientele, stating, “We don’t see any slowdown in order intake for buying cars like ours.” This influx of orders for the Revuelto and other supercars signifies the enduring vigor of the brand’s customers, even amidst recent bank runs and economic downturns in other sectors.

It’s a trend that continues across the supercar spectrum. Ferrari’s share price has risen 27% this year on the back of high demand. Meanwhile, luxury marques such as Bentley and Rolls Royce hit new records in 2022 in both sales and production numbers.

Lamborghini itself set a new production record of 9,233 vehicles worldwide last year, a 10% increase from 2021. Winkelmann acknowledges that it’s too early to predict this year’s production figures at this stage. Regardless, if the current trend persists, the company could surpass last year’s numbers in 2023.

The challenge facing Lamborghini and its rivals is how to maintain a brand identity as electrification takes over. Without a firebrand Italian orchestra conducted via the throttle, Lamborghini must look to other ways to give customers the emotional experience they’re looking for. The challenge is to create high-performance EVs that are distinct from Tesla and other brands, in order to maintain Lamborghini’s premium position in the marketplace.

Going forward, every new Lamborghini model, starting with the Revuelto, will be a hybrid. Coming years will see plug-in versions of the Urus SUV and Huracan hit the market, with a fully electric model slated for release around 2028 or 2029. The hybrid push offers both increased performance and better efficiency, with the Revuelto itself considered 30% more fuel efficient than its predecessor.

The Revuelto will be one of the final V12 supercars ever built, making it a collector’s dream from day one. Winkelmann believes the Revuelto will likely match or outperform the sales of its Aventador predecessor, which sold over 11,000 units in its decade-long run. Demand has been particularly high in the U.S., currently Lamborghini’s largest market. Winkelmann also noted that demand “exploded” in South Korea in 2022, while the brand has been making solid sales in both Central Europe and Australia, too. China remains a question mark, with the country still unwinding from an extra-long lockdown due to COVID-19.

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Production of the Revuelto is set to commence in the latter half of 2023, with the first cars reaching U.S. shores in Q4. If you want one for yourself before the end of 2025, it’s probably worth calling your dealer and your bank manager today. Godspeed.

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