Check Out the New Alfa Romeo Supercar’s Minimalist Steering Wheel

A steering wheel for the purists.

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato promised to deliver one more thoroughbred supercar before setting the iconic Italian automaker on an all-electric course. Rumored to be named “33” or “6C,” the upcoming Alfa Romeo supercar will make its official debut on Aug. 30. Now, however, we can get an idea of what its steering wheel may look like.

A blurry image of the Italian supercar’s steering wheel was teased via the company’s Instagram account over the weekend. As is typically the case with these teaser shots, not much is shown and whatever is shown is purposefully hard to decipher. That being said, it’s not very hard to notice that the upcoming Alfa will have a minimalist, vintage-ish style steering wheel.


The photo reveals a brown leather insert at the center of the wheel, which proudly sports the Alfa Romeo badge. It’s the spokes of the wheel, however, that catch our attention. Cars nowadays have spokes covered in buttons and switches to operate all of the car’s controls and advanced tech. This Alfa, though, only shows lovely metal spokes with milled circles in them.

While we can’t get a good look at the rim of the wheel—or the entire wheel—it’s somewhat safe to assume that the last supercar to roll out of Milano will rock a wheel that purists will love.

Not much more is known about the upcoming supercar, but it’s a given that it will share many, if not most of its components with Alfa’s corporate sibling Maserati. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, but it will certainly lack a wee bit of originality that made previous Alfa supercars so unique and lovely.

Either way, we will get to see the whole rigatoni on Aug. 30, and it’s likely that the automaker will release more teasers as the date nears.

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