Alfa Romeo’s Fashionable Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary Models Are Peak Moda

Details so exquisite they could pass for high-end jewelry.
Alfa Romeo

No one really gets design like the Italians. Whether it’s cars, boats, fashion, or jewelry, they have a sixth sense that naturally helps them create gorgeous stuff. And when it comes to Stellantis’ Italian brands, well, they’ve been killing it lately on that front. Think of the recently revealed Fiat 500e concepts that pay homage to Italy’s biggest design houses. They’re proof that big designs can live in little packages. On Thursday, Alfa Romeo followed up with its “Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversaro” Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV that, despite lacking any substantial changes from the regular models, they show that the Italian automaker keeps up with the latest design and fashion trends.

Alfa Romeo

All 100th Anniversary models will be the range-topping Quadrifoglio models and sport new badges penned at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo in Turin. These offer a new take on the legendary four-leaf clover insignia, now adorned with a thick gold bezel and a 1923-2023 engraving. Continuing the gold theme are new gold brake calipers that contrast beautifully against the iconic “phone dial” Alfa wheels and gold stitching along the seats, dash, and celebratory badges located throughout the cabin. If you ask me, Alfa missed the boat by not including some gorgeous gold-colored wheels, but I’ll forgive’em.

Pay attention to the latest Rolex ad campaigns and you’ll see lots of green dials encased by gold bezels, or the latest Bvlgari handbags finished in emerald green leather with gold hardware. Gucci shoes and Armani suits? Same story. It’s true that most fashion trends eventually trickle down to the automotive world—especially the high-end ones—but Alfa’s really killed it here. I mean, that Quadrifoglio badge—I’d shrink that and turn it into a signet ring.

Alfa Romeo

These anniversary edition models may offer minimal changes, but I see this as quality over quantity. Alfa didn’t release pricing, so I can’t speak for whether springing for one of these is a good financial decision or not (probably not). Still, if you want to want a car that drives fantastic and looks even better, I think it’s hard to top a Giulia Quadrifoglio in green and gold. Rosso Etna and Vulcano Black are also offered, but why bother?

Order banks will open later this spring, and deliveries will start in the third quarter, so you don’t have much time to save your pennies. Oh, and only 100 units of each model will be produced. So act fast.

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