The Next Alfa Romeo Stelvio Will Be Electric and Come in 2026: Report

Alfa Romeo’s electric future is coming soon, with nearly all of its current lineup looking to be electric within the next few years.

byChris Rosales|
Alfa Romeo News photo
Alfa Romeo

It’s been a slew of news from Alfa Romeo lately, with the bombshell that Alfa Romeo has nearly sold out a supercar without the greenlight to produce it, the 1000 hp EV Giulia Quadrifoglio successor that’s supposed to be coming soon, and the news that there will be a 400-mile three-row Alfa Romeo SUV for the US market. To add another layer of icing to that cake, it is now said that the next Stelvio will be electric and arrive in 2026.

According to a report from Autocar with Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Phillipe Imparato, the next electric Stelvio will arrive shortly after the initial reveal of the second-generation Stelvio. The report is part of a huge glut of news that has come from Autocar about Alfa Romeo directly from the CEO of the company, which is how most of this news has been disseminated. Within that report, it was said that the Giulia EV would share a platform with the Stelvio EV, meaning that it should share battery packs and have relatively comparable range that should be deep into the 300s.

Alfa Romeo

The next Stelvio is also due soon, and will apparently look largely similar to the current model. It will sit on the Stellantis STLA Large platform, which is supposed to be shared with the Giulia. It’s all part of one big electrification push from Alfa Romeo, which has struggled to sell cars in the U.S. relative to its major rivals. The automaker is ramping up to embrace electrification and hopefully take a second shot at real market share stateside, especially with that aimed-at-America three-row EV SUV. 

If the Stelvio shares a platform with the Giulia, that means it will also likely get a performance Quadrifoglio trim like the Giulia, which means it may get the 1000 hp drivetrain that Imparato says will happen. But until then, we wait to see if this all comes to fruition in 2026.

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