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Buy Mercedes-AMG’s 707-HP GT2 Racer, Its Most Powerful Customer Race Car Yet

In a move that will surely resonate with the tech barons that will buy this car, its new steering wheel was co-developed with sim racing wheel maker Cube Controls.

Wealthy hobby race drivers, get your wallets and spleens ready because Mercedes-AMG’s customer racing program is expanding into the GT2 division.

AMG’s customer racing division is trotting out a new GT2 car to be sold alongside its existing GT3 and GT4 offerings. Based on the AMG GT, it’s the company’s most powerful customer-homologated race car made since the program started 12 years ago. The new racer makes up to 707 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from a flat-crank 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and is said to weigh less than 3,086 pounds including air conditioning.

A sequential six-speed racing transmission with modified ratios is mounted on the rear axle while the motorsport-grade shocks and anti-roll bars are all adjustable. A massive new wing that’s also adjustable sits atop the rear held up by a swan neck mount while forged 18-inch wheels feature a new center lock system that apparently allows for more reliably quick tire changes.

The carbon hood’s huge air outlet, carbon canards on the cheeks, and massive vents behind the front wheels all contribute to race-pace aerodynamics.

In a move that will surely resonate with the tech barons and crypto traders that will snap this car up, its new multi-function steering wheel was co-developed with sim racing wheel firm Cube Controls. To keep said occupants safe, a steel roll cage is bolted to the aluminum space frame while drivers are ensconced in a carbon safety cell and a six-point harness.

Mercedes hasn’t specified how much it will all cost, but it’s safe to assume that it won’t be the sort of thing the average person can swing or even save up for within a reasonable time. Nonetheless, the Mercedes-AMG GT2 race car will go on sale during the 2023 racing season.

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