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Aston Martin Celebrates 110 Years With New Models Just Around the Corner

It's been a long innings for the storied British manufacturer.

The storied brand that is Aston Martin will celebrate its 110th anniversary in 2023 with a year-long celebration.

The brand was originally founded on Sunday, January 15, 1913, by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. The first car to be known as an “Aston Martin” was completed two years later, though production was quickly curtailed by the outbreak of the First World War. The company started building cars in earnest once hostilities ended, and the company began to establish itself as a British manufacturer of fine automobiles. The brand has faced numerous financial struggles over the years, and multiple changes in ownership. Despite these challenges, the Aston Martin brand has lived on, prevailing as a capable purveyor of luxury and performance.

Aston Martin

Today, Aston Martin is known as one of the world’s premier small-scale luxury automakers, with big goals for the future. To celebrate the past 110 years, the brand has chosen to highlight its storied history with a photo shoot combining one of its earliest race cars with its latest halo car. The shoot features the Aston Martin Razor Blade, which claimed class records for the marque at the Brooklands race track all the way back in 1923. It’s pictured parked up next to the Valkyrie hypercar, a stunning high-tech demonstration of what the brand is capable of today.

The celebration is intended to ring out through 2023 as Aston Martin launches the first of its new generation of sports cars. The new models are intended to continue the brand’s focus on combining high performance with high luxury. The company will also reveal a special, strictly limited-edition model, to be announced later this year.

Aston Martin

A major celebration of the 110-year milestone will take place at this year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The brand also intends to highlight this achievement at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and at various other events in the company’s key markets.

Overall, 2023 is set to be a big year for Aston Martin. The year also marks 75 years of the company’s storied DB model line, 60 years since the release of the iconic DB5, and 20 years since the brand established itself at its Gaydon headquarters. There’s plenty for the brand to reminisce about, and based on what is promised, plenty to look forward to for the future.

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