M3-Engined BMW M2 GTS Is Coming, Rumors Say

The track day-ready coupe will reportedly debut in March 2019.

byChristian Gilbertsen|
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According to several BMW sites, BMW will give the already potent M2 a GTS makeover à la the outgoing M4 GTS. That means a focus on track performance, so the M2 GTS will reportedly feature lightweight seats, a roll cage, and, most importantly, a more powerful engine. As is, the M2 already makes 365 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque (on overboost), but rumors say that the M2 GTS will receive a variant of the S55 engine found in the M3 and M4 that will make around 450 hp.

Furthermore, we can expect to see the interior cloaked in alcantara, BMW M colors as far as the eye can see, and carbon fiber touches through the cabin. A forum user on 2ertalk said the M2 GTS will, like its bigger brother, be a limited-production model with less than 1,000 units planned. 

Until we get more specifics about the M2 GTS, take a look at it testing on the Nürburging below.

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