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UPDATE: BMW Confirms New Special Edition BMW M2 Is Coming to America

A total of 150 special edition M2s will make their way to American dealers.

A new model that appears to be a new special edition BMW M2 arrived in the vehicle ordering computer system used by the automaker’s American dealerships Thursday, BMW Blog reports. 

The car, internally coded ZL9, will be the 2017 M2 M Performance Edition. The new special edition of the entry-level M car will have an MSRP of $61,695 (the base M2 is currently $51,700) and its run will be restricted to 150 unit, according to BMW Blog. 

The new car will come optioned with an array of basic, more lightweight options than the standard M2. Those include a simpler keyless entry system, manually adjustable sport seats, black mirror covers, the basic radio system, and a manual as the only transmission option. Some additional features pulled from the BMW M Performance Parts catalogue will also come with the M Performance Edition. Those include the performance coil-over suspension, the performance exhaust option, black side gill trim pieces black kidney grilles, illuminated door sills, and LED door projectors. All cars will be white and optioned with the M Driver’s Package. 

Though recent test mules sightings at the Nurburgring have shown what looks to be a new, more powerful M2 , BMW Blog’s sources claim that this is incoming special edition is a different vehicle.

BMW was not immediately available for comment on this matter.

UPDATE (Feb. 17, 3:35 p.m. EST): A BMW spokesperson has confirmed to The Drive over email that a new special edition M2 is on the way. An image of that email with a description of the new car can be found below.