BMW Brings 2018 X3M, Z5, M5 and More to Nürburgring For Testing

Details regarding the models still remain sparse, but it's great to see them attacking the 'Ring.

EMS Nordschleife TV

The Nürburgring is full of prototypes, concepts, and hidden production models circling the famous track. Fortunately, BMW is among those vehicles and one lucky photographer got a glimpse of a whole lot of them yesterday.

According to the YouTube page, we're looking at the 2018 BMW Z5, 2018 BMW X3M, 2018 BMW M5 and the 6 or 8 Series. All three vehicles are caught at around 50-75 percent speed on the track and are heavily camouflaged. It;s unclear as to what level of production-ready specification they are, but the camouflage looks to be limited to just wraps at this time. And oddly enough, the BMW X5M sounds the best out of all the vehicles shown. Maybe it was because the SUV was downshifting, but whatever the case may be, it seemed to produce a nice note.

 Exact production dates are still up in the air, but it's nice to see the anticipated lineup darting around the famous track.