The BMW M2 CS Will Probably Be 400 Horsepower of German Perfection

BMW’s best car might just be a smaller car with a bigger engine.

byChris Constantine|
The BMW M2 CS Will Probably Be 400 Horsepower of German Perfection

The BMW M2 is without a doubt one of BMW M's best creations. It arguably fills the void that the 1 Series M left behind, or maybe even that of the E46 M3. It's a compact two-door with a great power balance, and at a tick over $50,000 it serves as the entry model into the world of M cars. That has still left some Bimmer enthusiasts wanting more, but how does one improve on perfection? The answer is an engine swap, which the new M2 GTS will reportedly get. However, much like with the M4 CS, the M2 will also likely get a more driver-friendly version of its track-ready variant.

The M2 CS will be the second car to get the CS treatment and has been seen testing on the Nurburgring since February. Now Car Magazine UK has more details about the hotter M2 to quell rumors that have been circling since the car was first spotted at the Green Hell. According to the report, the M2 CS will be a middle ground between the base M2 and the M2 GTS and it will get many of the same performance features as GTS. Different from the GTS though, the CS will be more focused on driver comfort.

This M2 will receive the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged M3 engine making 402 horsepower but sheds 55 pounds, according to the report. It will also get new suspension and brakes to deal with the 37 horsepower increase, as well as custom seats, better aerodynamics, and lots of carbon fiber. 

Although there is no mention of a GTS release date, Car says that the M2 CS will go on sale in the second quarter of 2018. This looks like the best bet for someone who wants more from the M2's performance but doesn't want all of the niggles of a track-oriented BMW.