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This Rolls-Royce Dually Pickup Was Built to Tow Other Rolls-Royces

Oh, and to look great doing it.

Not everything has to be a truck, but that shouldn’t stop a project car from becoming one. That’s especially true if you’ve got a spare pickup frame lying around with no cab or bed to limit its potential. Jordan Wojciechowski and his dad John apparently agree, because they threw a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow on top of a Chevy dually chassis, complete with a custom-fabricated flatbed and an American V8.

If you spend any time on the Car Internet, you probably saw this high-riding Rolls a while back. It was shared like crazy when Jordan posted a couple of pictures on Facebook, but from there, it became more of a mystery build than a real project someone was actively working on. It’s still under the knife—they’re never finished, y’know—but the Silver Shadow is a real, working truck as it sits.

Jordan Wojciechowski 

The father-son duo runs Central Conversions in Florida, a shop that specializes in Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. They’re even more familiar with British luxury than they are with blue-collar pickups, but this build is a solid balance. You’re not likely to see a member of the Royal Family climbing into it, but then again, when was the last time they needed to tow something?

“The truck was originally built to haul other Rolls-Royces on a three-car trailer,” Jordan told me. “It started as a joke that my dad wanted to haul around his Rolls-Royces with another Rolls-Royce and it eventually turned into a reality.”

There’s a 350 Chevy crate engine under the hood right now, though they’ve apparently got a 6.0-liter LS to swap in next. Regardless, the three-speed GM TH400 transmission has a column-mounted shifter, just like a truck; really, though, it’s the stock location for a Silver Shadow’s gear lever. It looks like a lot of the rig’s interior stays true to its heritage, save for the purple lighting. Just look at the wooden dash! If that’s not classy…

Older photos show the Silver Shadow with stake bedsides, which are handy for hauling shop supplies, tires—you name it. Now there’s a shining gooseneck ball in the center of the flatbed, and it’s not just there for looks. Woj really does pull with the Rolls truck because that’s what it was meant for. He hasn’t weighed anything he’s towed so far, but you can see the rig here pulling a 13-ton-capable dump trailer.

Jordan Wojciechowski 

Those wheels, by the way, are 10-lug semi rollers with Rolls-Royce branded floater caps. They’re stuck onto the original Chevy hubs with adapters in between, which is pretty common in the show truck realm.

I’m eager to see just how far they take this build, especially since no one expected it to get this far in the first place. 

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