Rolls-Royce Debuts $47,000 Portable Champagne Cooler Just in Time for Summer

Imagine enduring a beach bonfire or family camping trip without bringing your Corvette-priced portable cooler. No thank you.

byJames Gilboy|
Rolls Royce News photo

Rolls-Royce is going the way of Ferrari and offering branded, over-the-top accessories that cater to its customers' lifestyle. As a result, it now sells what's probably the world's most pretentious champagne cooler, and it costs $47,000.

The Anglo-Germanic automaker declared Monday the new addition to its lifestyle product line, which sold through Rolls-Royce's dealerships. Costing approximately $47,000, RR says this wine cooler is made from the same materials that decorate the interiors of its vehicles, and at a price higher than Chevrolet's discounted Corvette C7s, it'd damn well better.


It says that the cooler's "chassis" (read: frame) is constructed of carbon fiber and machined aluminum, and encased in real black leather and oak paneling. Of course, with 90 percent of Rolls-Royces being so extensively customized that they're practically one-offs, the same can be true of this cooler—they'll upholster it in anything you like as long as you're willing to pay.

Press a button, and the conspicuous consumption case opens up, revealing the wares to serve up to four—or "get the party started" as most of us commoners would say. Four crystal champagne flutes with polished aluminum bases served on an oak tray, allow four billionaires to drink themselves to the point of needing the kit's four embroidered cotton napkins to dab the caviar stains off their button-downs.


And drink as much they can indeed, as there are a pair of "hotspur red" leather "hammocks" that pop out from the cooler's sides. Two bottles of wine will disappear quickly between four people, but if you replace one with gin, and instead make French 75s, the night will last longer, and be merrier.

But Rolls-Royce would like those who would consider being so sloshed to get something in their gut, and opt for the extra caviar set, which includes nacre spoons and three little bowls to serve your appetizers, be they caviar or Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Don't drink on an empty stomach or before driving, your mother would insist.


Regardless of what it's made from, is $47,000 really decent value for money for what's effectively a tarted-up mini-fridge? You can rack up one hell of a bar tab with that kind of cash, and have enough left over to repeat the evening several times over. Then again, this isn't something that RR hopes to sell to people who still have some concept of money; it's for people who have never been paid by the hour, and probably never will.