2022 Ford Ranger Splash Revives ’90s Vibes With Vinyl Graphics, Bangin’ Paint

Now, where's the stepside bed?

We knew Ford was bringing back the Splash name—we just knew it. Thanks to trademark filings that were spotted back in June, it seemed inevitable that Ford would announce the moniker’s nostalgic return. Today, that’s been confirmed with this exceptionally vibrant orange truck that wears gloss black accents and vinyl graphics. So far, so good.

Let’s be clear that this is solely an appearance package. And sure, we kinda wish Ford would’ve brought back the stepside bed that helped identify Ranger Splash pickups from yesteryear. Who doesn’t? The show truck displayed here previews just one of the colorful options that’ll be available with other, “one-time-only” Splash Limited Edition hues set to roll out in the coming months.


Outside, you’ll notice the sleek black grille with body-color accent brackets. From there, a nifty black graphic runs along the Ranger Splash’s cab and onto each bedside, crossing the wheel well and running below taillight-level at the corners. Directly above, equally orange FX4 decals can be spotted on this truck with a brow atop the tailgate.

Seeing as this specific pickup is a Lariat FX4 model, it wears BF Goodrich all-terrain tires, and those are wrapped around Splash-exclusive 18-inch wheels. The black bumpers front and back tie everything together, and even the amber fender marker lights look at home because the whole truck is painted that same color. Wild!

It’s worth noting that the Splash appearance package can also be added to two-wheel-drive FX2 Rangers.

The energetic hue doesn’t disappear altogether on the inside as there’s orange stitching on the seats, steering wheel, and gear shifter. Everything else is standard black, as you’d expect, though the contrasting colors play well off each other. As fun as an all-orange interior sounds, it might not be great for resale value when this ’90s resurgence dies down a few years from now.

Ford will charge customers $1,495 for the Splash package on 2022 Ranger crew cab models in XLT or Lariat trims. Expect deliveries to start near the end of the year.

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