What’s Your Dream Two-Car Garage From the Same Automaker?

You can have anything you want, so long as they wear the same badge.

byChris Tsui|
QOTD photo


The marketing departments of Porsche and Mercedes-AMG have been busy lately, chumming with boat and plane makers, trotting out special edition, limited-run versions of Cigarette boats and Embraer business jets that match their owners' Porsche and Mercedes sports cars. While the vast majority of us will never be fortunate enough to shop for planes or boats of that caliber as a package deal with a six-figure coupe, it's always fun to dream. 

However, forget the boats and planes for a second—this is a car site. If you had unlimited funds to purchase, fuel, insure, and maintain any two cars ever made, what would they be? The only caveat being that they must come from the same manufacturer.


Ideally, you'd have one car for high-speed weekend exploits and another bigger, more rugged vehicle to handle the day-to-day routine, which means sticking to a manufacturer who is good at, and has done, both.

Your Porsche 911 GT3 of choice (997 RS 4.0? 991 R?) paired up with the newest, fastest Cayenne, for example, would make quite the duo. A Shelby GT350R Mustang and a Raptor pickup would also be a hard one to resist. Since the upcoming Ferrari SUV is not yet upon us, those looking to fill one of their spots with, say, a 458 Speciale or a newer F8 Tributo will have to make do with something low-slung on the daily too. Like another 458 Speciale. Or another F8. Actually, on second thought, that doesn't sound bad at all. 

For me, I'd probably have a Lexus LFA... and perhaps new LX SUV for the winter, I guess.

Actually, scratch that. I'll take two LFAs. 

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