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The Action Mobil Desert Challenger Is an Eight-Wheeled RV Based On a Missile Launcher

This 600 horsepower RV will save you from the apocalypse instead of starting it.

If I wanted to build an eight-wheeled RV to cross the desert—and I do think about that often, as I’m sure you do too—I wouldn’t think to start with a platform used as a mobile missile launcher. However, I am but an amateur in this area. The experts are the people over at Action Mobil in Germany. They seem to know what they’re doing.

The Desert Challenger articulating over some rough terrain, Action Mobil

Their Desert Challenger is—in a nutshell—a 600 horsepower, eight wheel-drive RV. If you can’t tell already, it can go anywhere. It can also stay anywhere. It carries 660 gallons of fuel to propel itself and generate power. It also has 635 gallons of water on board, to make sure nobody gets too thirsty. 

The vehicle’s interior, Action Mobil

It has a remarkably large and ugly living room (when you order yours you can decorate it differently), a full kitchen with a walk-in refrigerator, and a bathroom with a shower. The washing machine is also in the shower. That must be one of those sophisticated European things Americans haven’t caught onto yet. I’ll have to move mine later.

When parked, the Desert Challenger has lateral extensions that can expand the interior by about fifteen feet—in case you find any guests wandering around the dry, barren expanse. One of these would probably be the perfect place to ride out this pandemic, but that’s not what it was built for. Its name is pretty self-explanatory. 

Action Mobil’s website says the 30-ton truck is currently crossing the Arab desert. That’s right! No more camels, dying of thirst, or wandering around for 40 years with all of your friends. Just you, your former missile platform converted into a luxury RV, and the open road. 

For just $1.75 million, that simple life could be yours.

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