Porsche Recalls Toy Cars Due to Choking Hazard

See if you need to return that toy 911 before you have to call 911.

Porsche recalled one of its branded toys, named ‘My First Porsche,’ according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Wednesday.

The toy, a wooden car based on the company’s iconic 911 sports car, was manufactured in Poland by wooden toy producer Bajo. More than 2,000 have been sold for approximately $25 online or through Porsche dealerships in the United States and Canada, with about 1,700 and 330 purchased in each respective market.

Return of the toy is advised due to the risk of the wheels and axles detaching, which presents a risk of choking for small children. No deaths have been reported. Full refunds will be issued to those returning affected toys, which are identified as hailing from one of several production lots. Parents are encouraged to confiscate and identify whether their child’s toy is a suspected danger by examining the text printed on the underside of the toy, as depicted below.

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission/Porsche

The lot code can be found footing the text. Affected lots are thought to be designated by the following numbers: 011215, 020916, 031017, 031114, 031116, 040116, 040416, 040516, 041217, 051015, 061117, and 090915.

Parents who discover their child’s toy to be among those affected can contact Porsche for return at (800) 767-7243 between 9 a.m.. and 5 p.m. EST. Instructions to contact Porsche via the internet through the ‘Product Recall’ button on its website are erroneous; no such link exists at the time of this article. 

The Drive contacted Porsche regarding the missing link, and we will provide it on this page when we have heard back from the company.