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Need for Speed Film Camera Car Going Up for Auction

The Need for Speed Mustang star car went for $300K, so what will its camera car counterpart go for?

We at The Drive are fans of interesting vehicles going up for auction, especially movie cars. Being in a movie can increase a car’s value much like a car being previously owned by a celebrity, but what about a car that filmed a motion picture? Examples like the Mustang star car from the 2014 film Need for Speed sold for $300,000 for charity, so it’s only reasonable that the chase vehicles should get some love, too. For the upcoming Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2018 event, a heavily modified Mustang camera car will be going up for auction with no reserve.

The Mustang was used to film the movie Need for Speed as well. It is a 2013 Mustang GT (VIN 1ZVBP8CF0D5199818) and only has 7,780 miles. The car features the Mustang GT’s normal 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission. According to the Barrett Jackson auction listing (Lot# 1572), the Mustang camera car was modified by Saleen for the purpose of the movie. It is equipped with 14-inch Saleen slotted brake rotors and calipers among other modifications. The listing neglects to mention the Saleen supercharger that was added to the car which, in some trims, can bump the Mustang’s power up to 625-horsepower.

The car has been significantly modified to be a better camera car. It has a custom-built roll cage and a modified rear/trunk area to accept the camera crew as well as custom front and rear bumpers including mounts for gyroscopic cameras. The front passenger airbag was removed to allow room for additional electronic camera needs. 

The car is being sold as “camera equipment” according to the bill, so your results may vary on getting it registered for the road. You can see the car being built and used as a camera rig in the following video.

I am sure some YouTuber is dying out there to take this to H2Oi 2018 to dodge the potential “hanging out the car filming” tickets.