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Limp Bizkit Frontman Fred Durst Is Addicted to Old American Station Wagons

There's no "he said, she said" here—it's all over his Instagram.

Pull up your JNCOs, because we’re about to dish out a trip down memory lane for everyone who came of age in the 1990s. Limp Bizkit, headed by the intentionally obnoxious Fred Durst, crunched their way through songs about sex, drugs, and violence, and somehow put all of that together with a healthy lack of respect for their fans to become a rock powerhouse for a few years. It might be surprising to hear that they’re still touring, but it’s probably a bigger surprise to hear that Durst’s favorite car isn’t a Lamborghini or bro-dozer truck: its premium vintage station wagons.

Durst isn’t just jumping on the station wagon bandwagon like so many auto journalists and enthusiasts—he’s in deep. Of the 52 photos in his Instagram feed, 48 feature vintage wagons, none of which appear to be from the last four decades.

He’s been up to these shenanigans for a while, dating back to his first Instagram post in 2017. Jalopnik picked up on the trend a year later, and he’s still going strong posting photos of woody Buicks, Fords, and more. Oh, and he tags all sorts of celebrities in the photos, including the Kardashians.

The best part of the whole thing might be Durst’s captions. There’s no Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water-inspired prose here, just good old-fashioned weirdness. A post from April 3 has Durst musing, “we can’t kiss right now, but in a few weeks we suck face.”

All of this is from the guy who allegedly had a gun pulled on him by Eddie Van Halen, and who once sang “Pay me no mind, I seen the Fight Club about 28 times, and I’m a keep my pants sagging.” Now almost unrecognizable, Durst has been largely out of the spotlight for over a decade, though Limp Bizkit has continued touring over the years. The band is said to be releasing a new album soon, but we’ll be happy if the sweet wagon content keeps rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.

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