There’s a Lot Full of 16 Salvage Range Rover Classics on eBay for $73K

Put down the calculator. That's $4,562.50 per Rover.

Collectors of classic Range Rovers may want to pony up for another dent in their bank accounts, because spotted on eBay is an entire lot of 16 Rovers ranging from 1987 to 1995 for the package deal price of $73,000. That’s about $4,562.50 per Range Rover, in case you’re wondering.

Given that price, they aren’t exactly pristine, low-mileage examples or even road-worthy units. Whoever ends up buying these classic British off-roaders will likely use them as opportunities for restoration or as a starting point for a small business selling classic Range Rover parts. Oh, and they should probably bring a trailer (or multiple trailers) when picking these up, although not for the same reasons you’d opt to tow a typical purchase from the actual Bring a Trailer


According to the listing, these Range Rovers are located in New Jersey. Given their geographical location it’s likely that they’ll show signs of rust due to winter weather conditions, although the photos shown on eBay don’t reveal any units I’d specifically label as rustbuckets.

From the seller: “What we have here is a lot of 16 various RRC’s that are prime for restoration. Some vehicles are complete, with clean titles and some are for parts only. Due to the nature of the listing, all vehicles here will be sold as non-running project vehicles and will be sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS with absolutely no guarantees or warranties of any kind.”

“These are salvage vehicles and are being sold for parts only,” the seller added. “They are not operational or street legal. Therefore, upon purchase, they will need to be either towed or put on a trailer.”

Coincidentally, $73,000 also happens to be the approximate starting price for a brand new 2021 Range Rover Sport. Which would you rather have? One new Range Rover or 16 old ones? Just think of the possibilities of either purchase.

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