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Corvette-Powered Range Rover Seamlessly Blends British Cool With American Brute

Vintage good looks and a host of modern features make for a perfect, brawny daily driver. Plus, it's a Range, bro.

ECD Automotive Design has just completed their second custom-built Range Rover Classic. And from what we can tell, they’re on a fast track to making a name for themselves in the Range Rover community, combining the classic Range Rover shape with modern convenience and American power. It’s like a British resto-mod.

ECD Automotive Design

Starting with a short-wheelbase Range Rover Classic, the team at ECD stuffed the engine bay with a Chevrolet 6.2-liter LT1 from the Corvette Stingray. Given the classic Land Rover V8’s history as GM design (the Oldsmobile 215 cubic inch V8), it’s the logical choice.

Each ECD Range Rover Classic is custom-built for its owner, who selects the colors and options before turning ECD loose. Outside, the body of this particular example was painted a stunning shade of Carmen Red Pearl, set off by black five-spoke 20-inch Kahn Mondial wheels. Inside, the beige leather is set off by contrasting maroon piping to match the exterior.

ECD Automotive Design

Inside, you’ll also find miles of beautiful wood trim, front and rear air conditioning, wireless charging pads, in-car Wi-Fi, and a modern tablet-style infotainment screen. There’s several subtle modern touches sprinkled throughout the rest of the vehicle, including modern LED headlights sitting in the classic Range Rover grille.

Dakota Digital gauges dominate the driver’s view of the cockpit, relaying all necessary information to the lucky driver. Heated seats, a backup camera, and a tire pressure monitoring system round out the modern features on this classic SUV. While modern Range Rover styling has remained true to the proportions of the classic design, for some, there’s just no replacement for the original.

Kudos on a job well done.