Bowler Tweets Teaser of Its New Custom Land Rover Defender

It could have a 400 horsepower V8 under the hood and a 6×6 drivetrain.

byGeorge Kuruvilla|
Builds photo

The custom off-road specialist brand Bowler put out a short video on Twitter teasing its latest creation based on the road-going Land Rover model, prior to its maiden reveal this October.

The teaser image in the video doesn't disclose too many details about the new vehicle, except that the new Bowler—one that is yet to be christened—will probably be based on the Land Rover Defender SUV.

However, the company website does state that it will be based on the next-generation Cross Sector Platform. And what we know of the CSP is that it is a Bowler-patented and unique rolling chassis, offering a multi-use vehicle platform which can be fitted with industry standard ranges of modular sub-systems and components. Additionally, it allows for common electrical architecture, engines, and drivetrains to be applied, with powertrains sourced from varies global vehicle manufacturers.

Bowler claims that "Designs for a next-generation 6×6 Forward Control Variant ‘Mule’ are being considered, and could be developed with the appropriate R&D funding, coupled with further market research and a specific vehicle project to ensure the robust testing and development for applications such as troop carriage, logistic support, ambulance, and fire services."

This does hint that the powertrain may be sourced from an alternate manufacturer, not Land Rover, and that it may even have a 6x6 drivetrain. 

Whether it will have a V-8 bolted over the front axle is up for speculation, but judging by the rumbling exhaust notes heard in the video—the deep growl on startup and the crackling exhaust notes that follows—the off-road specialist exposes the kind of unbridled power the new vehicle will have. Want to know more? Leading to its launch, Bowler promises to release more "sounds, snippets, and specifications" on the model in the weeks to come.